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About mo


When I was 15, I skulked around my local radio station until they finally gave me a job.  I had my own show, read news, produced commercials and generally did everything a disc jockey did in the mid-'70s.  I found my place in the local high school theatre, and eventually went to college as a theatre major.  In my early career I  worked as a stage manager and actor until 1987, when I returned to school and learned how to teach.  We had two kids who are amazing.

I taught theatre and theatre technologies for three decades, and in that time I wore many hats. I taught a wide range of theatre disciplines, all the while working alongside my students in a vast array of experiences.


I have toured productions, produced, directed, served as artistic director and technical director, written and produced original productions themed for teenage health and wellness, edited scripts, and taught acting, voice for the theatre, playwriting, design, improvisation, theatre history, and arts and humanities.

I also love the wilderness, recently took up fishing again, and I love backpacking in the backcountry where there are no other humans but my fellow hikers. I recently caught fifty fish in one afternoon; it was bliss.

I especially enjoy cooking, and plan to eventually reside on a small plot of land with my wife, dogs, maybe some small livestock and strays, a big garden, and of course, my studio.

These are my photos on this website, and you can click here to see a slideshow of some of my best wilderness photographs.

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